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When I started homeschooling my older 2 girls, I also had three kids ages 3 and under. I knew I wanted to give my children the beautifully rich education, but I didn’t know how. The Charlotte Mason resources I found online were COMPLETELY overwhelming. So I found some Charlotte Mason “inspired” materials that were comforting to this former public school teacher’s way of thinking, and got started.

My husband then got a job where he traveled most weeks Monday-Thursday. My newborn son had chronic ear infections. We moved 4 times in 5 years (two of which were cross country). The strain of exhaustion, moves, illnesses, and stress finally caught up to me. I was trying to reinvent the wheel every year (sometimes multiple times during the year). I was staying up late printing off cute, but teacher intensive resources from Pinterest. I was spending my free time researching books and resources to help me fill our days.

Then I hit the wall. Like ugly, messy complete break down. It was such a low point in my life. It was in this dark pit, that I cried out to God to show me what to do. I felt lead to really dive deeper into Charlotte Mason’s philosophy. I read all her volumes, attended conferences, took classes, etc. As I started to map out what that would look like for our family, I got really excited. As a former curriculum coordinator and director of a homeschool academy, one of the parts I’ve always enjoyed is planning and creating long term scope and sequences. I love looking at the big picture and seeing how all the pieces fit together. 

A Gentle Feast grew out of what I learned and have used with my own family. The difference has been night and day. I will NEVER go back to piecing it all together and trying to create a cohesive whole with a bunch of materials that were never intended to be used together. A Gentle Feast has truly changed my life, the atmosphere of our home, and my children’s love for knowledge.

 I loved our Charlotte Mason homeschool days, but life threw my family some major curve balls, and I realized I needed help on gaining control of my thoughts and emotions. I hired my first life coach and slowly found myself changing the way I approached all of my life. I learned how to have fun again and fill my days with passion and joy. I was so impressed with my coaching tools and the transformation they brought to my life that I decided to become a coach myself. 

It is my mission to help homeschool moms escape overwhelm and create a life and homeschool they love!

My Speaking Topics

Transform Your Thoughts, Transform Your Homeschool

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Nourishing Routines for an easy homeschool day

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The FEAST of the Charlotte Mason Method

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Time Management for the ADHD Homeschool Mom

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